Motorhead-1989-12-15-Manchester,UK (Mid-High Gen VHS)


International 2, Manchester, UK

15th December 1989

Lineage : Aud VHS (Mid-High Gen) > Standalone > PC > Trade Files > Dime…

Setlist :

Doctor Rock
White Line Fever
I’ll Be Your Sister
Going To Brazil
Voices In The Sky
Shut You Down
Just ‘Cos You Got The Power
Built For Speed
Eat The Rich
Stone Deaf In The USA
Killed By Death
Ace Of Spades

This was filmed from the balcony, slightly towards stage left, & is a mid-high gen unfortunately – the picture is fairly steady, but the colours do bleed…the simple fact that this exists means that somewhere a lower gen version exists, & if you’ve got one, could you please upload it?

The camerawork on this is actually really good, as well as the audio – there are screens below, & a sample can be found at – & I do suggest you watch it prior to downloading this…The menu is basic, & the show is 1 chapter…

This is taken from the ‘Silent Nights Xmas ’89’ UK Tour (the 2nd UK tour of the year) & is a very able performance indeed from The Four Insomniacs, with a good setlist (2nd ‘White…’ in 7 years) & a very enthusiastic crowd to boot…& Remember – They were Motorhead, & They played Rock & fucking Roll – Don’t forget ’em…


352 x 576
Data Rate : Gspot says 5130 kbps
PAL 25fps


224 kbps
Channels : 2 : Stereo

Faith No More-1989-10-23-Manchester,UK (1st Gen,Authored & Produced by GNROSAS)

Faith No More
International 1, Manchester, England 1989-10-23


01 Falling To Pieces
02 Introduce Yourself
03 The Real Thing
04 Underwater Love
05 Epic
06 Zombie Eaters
07 Surprise!You’re Dead!
08 We Care A Lot
09 The Crab Song
10 Woodpecker From Mars
11 Edge Of The World
12 Chinese Arithmetic
13 War Pigs

audience master (cam on stage) > 1st gen pal vhs > firewire > DV/PC > dvdr

Video: VHS/DV Avi > Mpeg2 (720×576) (7800 kbps)
audio: VHS/DV Avi > LPCM 2.0 (1536 kbps)

Authored & produced by GNROSAS

Faith No More-1989-03-12-Long Beach,USA (SBV-mpw1979-ADL Ver)

Faith No More 1989-03-12
Bogart’s Club, Long Beach, CA

audience. 1st gen ntsc vhs > sa (SP) > dvdr > DVDLab > dvdr

Transferred by SBV
First shared by mpw1979
Authored by Alexander DeLarge

NTSC 4:3 704×480 5.64mbps
AC3 256kbps


01 Chinese Arithmetic
02 Epic
03 RnR / Paradise
04 Introduce Yourself
05 The Real Thing
06 Underwater Love
07 From Out Of Nowhere
08 The Crab Song
09 Falling To Pieces
10 As The Worm Turns
11 Surprise! You’re Dead!
12 Woodpecker From Mars
13 We Care A Lot
14 War Pigs