Motorhead-1988-02-13-London,Canada (Low Gen VHS)


Gardens, London, ON, Canada

13th February 1988

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Setlist :

Doctor Rock
Stay Clean
Ace Of Spades
Eat The Rich
Built For Speed
Killed By Death
Stone Deaf In The USA

This has been shot from the balcony almost directly opposite the stage, & filmed very similarly to the show done the previous night in Toronto.

It’s fairly steady, no heads or hands in the shotframe, & the taper appears to have used a monopod (or similar) as the camera does lean left & right occasionally. Overall this has a good clear view of the stage (screens below), with a very good audio to boot – chapters are every 6 minutes, & this appears to be a 1st gen transfer…

Promoting the ‘Rock & Roll’ album whilst touring with Alice Cooper, this is a very energetic performance from The Four Insomniacs that’s warmly received by an appreciative audience…The setlist is exemplary as per with a good mix of old & new, & overall this is a worthwhile addition to the canon…& Remember – They were Motorhead, & They played Rock & fucking Roll – Don’t forget ’em…


704 x 480
Data Rate : Gspots says 4358 kbps
NTSC 29fps


256 kbps
Channels : 2 : Stereo
48 khz

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