Gavle Folkets Park, Gavle, Sweden

1st August 1985

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Setlist :

Iron Fist
Stay Clean
Heart of Stone
The Hammer
Mean Machine
On the Road
Killed by Death
Ace of Spades
Steal Your Face
Iron Horse / Born to Lose
Nothing Up My Sleeve
(We Are) The Road Crew
Bite the Bullet
The Chase Is Better Than the Catch

Acquired as part pf a much appreciated trade, this was taped on the ‘It Never Gets Dark’ Scandinavian run & is a very good gig indeed…Shot from the upper tiered seating over on the stage-right side, this is handheld & does have obstructions but otherwise does have a fairly good view of the stage (screens below)…The setlist is killer, the performance is great although Lem does have to remonstrate with can-throwers again (& this is the gig where Lem got hit with a boot during ‘On The Road’, so Lem’s banter at that point is…), & the audio is slightly indistinct though once your ears tune in it’s all there – the only real issue is that the last four tracks of the set are missing, but otherwise it’s a very welcome entry in the annals…& Remember – They were Motorhead, & They played Rock & fucking Roll – Don’t forget ’em…

Video :

704 x 480
Data Rate : Gspot says 6718 kbps
Total Bitrate : 6974 kbps
NTSC 29fps

Audio :

256 kbps
Channels : 2 : Stereo

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