Pink Floyd-1994-xx-xx-Pink Floyd VH1 To One (Pro Shot)

Pink Floyd
VH1 To One
1994 The Divison Bell Tour
25 Minutes
PAL Format
Artwork Included.

Lineage VHS Master copy>Philips DVD Recorder>HD>You

Audio Bitrate 224kb/s
Audio MPEG 1 Layer 2.
Video Bitrate 15842 kbp/s
Picture Resolution 720×576
Display aspect ratio 4.3.

A nice set of interviews and live clips,an almost complete version of
Keep Talking from an outdoor show.They mention the 14 nights at Earls Court,
a report about the collapsed seating. Playing the whole of Dark Side Of The Moon,
also playing without Roger.The difference between American and English audiences.
David mentions listening to some old live recordings. The Interviewer is the late
Robert Sandall music journalist who died recently in July 2010.

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