Nightwish-2018-06-24-Clisson,France (Filmed & authored by Taranis DVD NW 01)

Artist: Nightwish
Title: Live at the Hellfest
Date: 2018 06 24
Venue: Val de Moine
Location: Clisson
Country: France
Event: Hellfest festival

Media: 1 DVD
Filming type: Audience
Artwork by Taranis
Filmed & authored by Taranis

Menu: yes
Chapters: yes
Number of camera angles: 1
Number of audio selections: 1

Video format: PAL
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Total running time: 71 min
Quality: You be the judge

Lineage: JVC GZ-R435BE > MTS > TmpgEnc Authoring Works 4 > DVD > You


01 End of All Hope
02 Wish I Had an Angel
03 10th Man Down
04 Come Cover Me
05 Gethsemane
06 Elan
07 Amaranth
08 I Want My Tears Back
09 Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean
10 Nemo
11 Slaying the Dreamer
12 Ghost Love Score
13 The Greatest Show on Earth (Tape)


This is the first DVD I realize. There is a Blu ray version of this concert.
I admit to being a little disappointed with the quality of the video.
I expected better from the camcorder.


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