Faith No More-1990-1997-TV Material (Pro Shot)

Faith No More
TV Material 1990-1997
UK & Australian TV (mostly)

Aspect: 4:3
Resolution: 576x720p
Audio: AC3
Video: MPEG2
Size: 4.12 GB
Length: 1 hr 40 min approx
Quality: Average to good

“Saturday Night Live”, USA 1 December 1990 (Epic & From Out of Nowhere) +
“Hey Hey It’s Saturday”, AUS 24 April 1993 (Easy) *
“Hey Hey It’s Saturday”, AUS 15 April 1995 (Evidence) *
MTV First Look 1995 (short band interview) +
MTV interview 1995 (Patton & Billy recording Spanish Evidence) +
“Top of the Pops”, UK 1 March 1995 (Digging the Grave) +
“Top of the Pops”, UK 8 March 1995 (Digging the Grave) +
“The Word”, UK 3 March 1995 (What A Day, interview & I Started A Joke) +
“Most Wanted”, UK 14 March 1995 (What A Day & Midlife Crisis) +
Sonoria Festival, Milan, IT 9 June 1995 (Zombie Eaters) +
“Top of the Pops”, UK 29 May 1997 (Ashes to Ashes) *
“TFI Friday”, UK 16 May 1997 (Ashes to Ashes) *
“TFI Friday”, UK 5 December 1997 (Ashes to Ashes) *
Interviews (Melbourne 27 October 1997 & Sydney 21 October 1997) *

“MTV Live n’ Direct”, Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, AUS 21 October 1997 *
Midnight Cowboy
Last Cup of Sorrow
Ashes to Ashes
This Guy’s In Love With You
We Care A Lot

* VHS(x) > unknown standalone (SP mode) > dvdr > TMPGEnc 4 > VIDEO_TS > TLH > you (dvd)
+ VHS(x) > Toshiba DR20 standalone (XP mode) > dvdr > TMPGEnc 4 > VIDEO_TS > TLH > you (dvd)

* VHS transfer by unknown
+ VHS transfer by fyfe79

Mostly originally broadcast on UK or Australian TV.
Most of this material seems to be from 1st or 2nd generation VHS, maybe 3rd gen for the older stuff.
The unknown SP material was transferred by unknown in 2003 (dvdr titled “TV Comp 1”).
The Toshiba XP material was transferred by myself in 2015.
Authoring (menu’s, chapters and volume equalizing) by fyfe79 using TMPGenc Authoring Works 4.

Worth downloading for the two amazing performances of ‘Ashes to Ashes’ on TFI Friday. Patton really gives it loads.
Amazing. Thankfully, quality-wise these are very good too.

Some material (TOTP 8.3.95, Most Wanted 14.3.95 & TOTP 29.5.97) appeared on the previous two compilation dvdr’s
(TV Appearances Comps 1 & 2) currently on Zomb. These are from different sources but are of similar quality.
I removed ‘Digging the Grave’ from Most Wanted as the end was cut on this version.

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