Faith No More-1991-02-05-06-Vina Del Mar,Chile (Pro Shot,2 DVD)

Faith No More

Show or Bootleg Title:
1991-02-05&06 – International Song Festival, ViƱa Del Mar, Chile (2DVD)

DVD – Pro Shot

DVD1 (1991-02-05)

01.From Out Of Nowhere
02.The Real Thing
03.Underwater Love
04. We Care A Lot
05. Sweet Dreams
06. Surprise!, You’re Dead!
07. Epic
08. Woodpecker From Mars

DVD2 (1991-02-06)

09. Easy
10. The Real Thing
11. We Care A Lot
12. Edge Of The World
13. War Pigs (Black Sabbath Cover)
14. Sweet Dreams
15. Surprise!, You’re Dead!
16. Epic

Menu : NO
Chapters : NO
Artowrk : NO

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