Nightwish-2015-04-18-Chicago,USA (Hurricane62 Ver,BD)

Concord Music Hall
Chicago. IL
April 18, 2015

BLURAY DISC (1920×1080, 30000 kbps, 29 frames/second)

Video was recorded in 1920×1080/60i AVCHD format using a Panasonic HC-V100M Full HD video camera. Camera was hand=held, but stabilized by resting my arm on the rail on the balcony so the image is very stable. Good close-ups, some minor autofocus issues with the stage lighting (lots of strobe effects).

Video was synced to an upgraded audio source, captured using my usual rig: Audio Technica SP-CMC-2 Cardioid Mics -> SP-SPSB-11 Battery Box with Bass Rolloff set at 107 Hz -> Sony PCM-M10 (44.1 MHz/16 bit) with Limiter ON and Low Pass Filter OFF -> WavePad (AGC, Eq & track splitting) -> converted to .flac using Traders Little Helper (SBE’s fixed, flac level 8)

Video converted to .m2v format using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum. Chapters and menus added using Sony DVD Architect Studio 5.0

This was my first time seeing a show at this venue. I went for a perch on the balcony with clean sight-lines so that I could capture a good video. Unfortunately, the sound mix was not-so-great up where I was. I’m not sure if the audio was better elsewhere, but from the balcony on the side, Floor’s vocals were not very prominent in the mix. I remastered the audio a total of 4 times and am still not completely happy with the result. It’s not bad, just not as good as I am accustomed to. Play the YouTube video samples and judge for yourself.

“Élan” sample video on YouTube:
“Ever Dream” sample video on YouTube:

I also captured audio and video of the Delain set, but got neither audio nor video of Sabaton.

00:00:00 Intro – Shudder Before the Beautiful
00:06:37 Yours Is an Empty Hope
00:12:19 Amaranth
00:16:38 She Is My Sin
0:21:26 Endless Forms Most Beautiful
00:27:54 My Walden
00:33:35 The Islander
00:39:25 Élan
00:43:47 Weak Fantasy
00:50:04 Storytime
00:56:12 Ever Dream
01:01:34 I Want My Tears Back
01:06:55 Stargazers
01:11:56 Sleeping Sun
01:17:26 The Greatest Show on Earth
01:29:26 Ghost Love Score
01:40:19 Last Ride of the Day
01:44:54 Outro

To all that download this recording,

Please do not convert this to lossy (mp3) format and then share in a public forum. If you want to convert to mp3 for your own use, have at it! Diluting the bootleg pool only hurts the collector that appreciates a lossless source. Let all those poor folks with full hard drives and slow internet service download the lossless version and convert it themselves. Feel free to share publicly in lossless format, but please keep the information file and artwork with the audio files and make sure that you give the taper the credit that he (me) is due. Never sell – share or trade (in lossless) freely.

Avoid sites like HOB and G101 to keep the filth off of your computer.

Thank you & Enjoy!



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